Broken Senior Thesis Film

Broken is a dramatic short film about Jay, a lonely and depressed young girl with a troubled past who finds herself hopelessly drifting without a home. Along her journey she meets a group of young runaways that take her in. She quickly learns that Bradley, Ryder, and Nathan's lives are just as complicated as hers. As she gets to know them, she connects with them on a new level and ends up finding a home that she never thought she would have. It is Iota Sister Peyton Shahan's senior project.

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Burnoutland- Senior Thesis Project

Burnoutland is a comedic web series about a 90s grunge band trying to get their shit together.

Iota brothers and sisters associated with the project include Grace Wilber (Director, Writer), alumni Jason Cortez (Executive Producer), Livia Elgart (Associate Producer), Meagan Arnold (Director of Photography), Valerie Forjan (Editor), Irem Dogancali (Assistant Director), Chad Alexander (Art Director), Ian Salimbangon (Wardrobe, BTS Photographer), Hannah Looney (Casting Director), Logan Brown (Assistant Editor), David Mason (Boom Operator, Sound Design), Darcelle Larkin (Key Grip), Cameron Perrier (Production Assistant), Mitchell Parker (Production Assistant), and Alessandro Gaiarin (Actor) and alumni Sean Mercado (Extra). 

BOTH- Senior Thesis Project

BOTH is a comedic short film about a young woman named Bryn who attends a house party to prove to her ex that she is over their relationship.

Iota brothers and sisters on the project included Michael Rose (Producer, Director), Hannah Looney (Co-Producer), Grace Wilber (Writer, Production Design), Irem Dogancali (Assistant Director, Sound Designer), Meagan Arnold (Director of Photography), Logan Brown (Camera Operator), Katherine Velle (Camera Operator), Will Sidaros (2nd Assistant Camera), Livia Elgart (Script Supervisor), Joe Paquette (Gaffer), Mitchell Parker (Best Boy Grip), David Mason (Sound Mixer, Colorist), Nick Devito (Boom Operator), Kiefer Inson (Boom Operator), Nick Canonico (Boom Operator), Chad Alexander (Costume Design), and Katlin Haberdash (Editor). Extras included Max Stempniewicz, Sean Mercado, Sarah Williams, Eleazar Stamper, Cameron Perrier, Mary Clare Durel, Bryan Sitko, and Dennis Gamarra.

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Cameo with Kalik Allah

On this episode of Cameo, we sit down with director Kalik Allah and guest host Nicole Cross to discuss Kalik's film, Field Niggas. This episode was created in collaboration with GMU's Black Student Alliance!

To learn more about the filmmaker, visit his website at

Khalik Allah (b.1985) is a New York-based photographer and filmmaker whose work has been described as "street opera" simultaneously visceral, hauntingly beautiful and penetrative. Khalik's passion for photography was sparked when he began photographing members of the Wu-Tang Clan with a camera he borrowed from his dad.

Pineapple- Senior Thesis Project

Iota Sister Irem Dogancali is now raising support and funds for her senior thesis project, titled Pineapple. Pineapple is a short comedy about some younglings, sexuality, human nature of friendship, and what happens when you get groovy with your roomie. Alex and Emmy are roommates by random. Their relationship takes a turn after they have a threesome with Alex's good friend and Emmy's date, James.

Other Iota Brothers and Sisters on the project include: Jordon Jones (Producer), Grace Wilber (Writer, Production Design), Darcelle Larkin (Director of Photography), Logan Brown (PR), Hannah Looney (Casting Director, Props Master), Meagan Arnold (2nd Camera), Ian Salimbangon (Assistant Camera), David Mason (Audio Mixer), Chad Alexander and Cameron Evans (Design), Sean Mercado (Composer), and Katherine Velle (Editor). 

To support the film and check out updates on the film's progress, like Jupiter Pictures on Facebook and check out the Indiegogo!

View some behind-the-scenes photos below!